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Techland Devs, Please Make This Game. (Idea)

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Dying Light is a huge success, what an amazing game it is.


I know you're currently working on Hellraid, which looks awesome by the way. But here's an idea for a future game, which I think would be fantastic.


Your game engine would work GREAT in a Gladiator style game, I'm talking similar to the TV series Spartacus, or the movie Gladiator.
It could be based around Rome, the slavery of Gladiators. The protagonist could be the master that enslaves you, or the ruler of the Kingdom. I can't think of a better game engine other than yours that would work so well in creating this game.


Co-op is so fun on Dying Light! Imagine a similar co-op game experience in a Gladiator war based game! Just.. damn I wish it was a thing. In my opinion, your game engine has the potential to make a game like this become something huge, it'd be such a fun and different game.


I'm not sure if others would agree with me on this, I just enjoy thinking about these kind of things. :)

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