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Survives The Night [My Tips]

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 Hello everyone, I want to start this topic saying sorry for my orthography, english is not my main language, any correction is welcome (but secretly hated xD)


This is my first time EVER making a topic (guide) like this, so please be kind xD also keep in mind that this is to help, most people don't know everything like others do, If i miss something, feel free to leave a comment with your tip and i will added it



Let's get started...


Be always ready before the night comes


-Things in your Backpack



  • UV Flashlight
  • Flare's
  • Medkit
  • Weapons of choice


  • Firearm
  • Potions
  • Explosives
  • Firecrackers



-Things at your hands



  • The weapons of choice but always have a firearm and a heavy melee weapon


  • UV Flashlight
  • Flare's
  • Whatever you want or need
  • Whatever you want or need

In the order that you like...BUT always keep the Flare's next to the UV Flashlight, If you get hit with a UV Spit you just have to click one bottom and the Flare's are ready to use, Be fast



Being invaded:


  • ALWAYS stop the game and check the Night Hunter level...Let's be honest, When you see a level 8 is not the same when you see a level know that the level 57 have more experience and will be a pain in the...head
  • Have potions ready to use if you want to
  • Check your playground, Don't stay in rooftops too much time, a Ground Pound can kill you or do enough  damage for a easy kill and avoid closed areas for the same reason and because is easy for the Hunter to get you with a Spit or Pounce
  • Don't rush to the Nest
  • Always look at your Mini Map while using Survivor Sense
  • And always lisent what Kyle says "Something Not Right, I Can Feel it."
  • Use the Weather in your favor, if is raining, use a weapon with electricity, because your enemy is wet, the electricity is going to help you alot


The Night Hunter:


  • First, Think like a Night Hunter
  • Don't let them get close with all energy
  • Remember any tactic, How he kill you the first time
  • Fool him, stay still a few seconds, he will not resist try to stuck a spit on you, Dodge
  • Take advantage of any mistakes, Missed Ground Pound, Close Corners, Dodge a Tackle in front Spikes, Stand in front of Spikes


The Nest:


  • Scout the area for a few seconds IF you can, Look for Gas Tanks or Spikes
  • Kill the Bitters FIRST without attack the Nest

Easy way to deal with Bitters around the Nests:

  • Sneak > Takedown = Kill
  • Slide > Leg Breaker = Immobile
  • Tackle > Stomp = Kill
  • Dropkick > Stomp = Kill
  • Instant Escape > Stun Kill = Kill
  • Vault Stun > Stun Kill = Kill

​Or just xD Go the fashion way and get dirty  



aaaaaaand is 4:02am and Im tired so lets skip to the good part :) (i think)


Here some videos that I hope help you to be a better Survivor :)


Like i say before, watch your surroundings, look for any gas tank and be smart, with a gas tank you can destroy one Volatile in seconds


Again, Watch your surroundings, look for gasoline barrels and have a firearm ready to use


Have a Heavy Melee Weapon, Wait for the right moment and throw it, ex: a missed Ground Pound


Practic your speed at throwing weapons, aim and be careful, dont keep your hands empty


A super easy and faster way to Kill the Night Hunter, Tackle + Heavy Melee Weapon, Drain his energy first so he cant run away


Flares, use your flares as a wall no like a room, dont stay in the middle, keep the flare between you and the Night Hunter, RUN if you have to, SPAM flares IF you have to


Again, Know your playground, Harram is our home...The Night Hunter is a Intruder, Be fast, Pay attention


Something that I learn from Battlefield 3 :) ALWAYS look the Mini Map


Again, Watch your Surroundings, Be creative, Scout the area and use it


Have your Flares next to the UV Flashlight, Pay attention and RUN BOY RUN


Like i say, Pay attention, Watch how your enemy play, Take advantage of his mistakes :) be ready, aim and throw


Think fast, Watch your surroundings and dont be afraid of heights xD


Another easy and fast way to kill the Night Hunter, pay attention to this one...some Hunter use a popular tactic...UV Block+Spit and Pounce, try to drain his energy befire he activates his UV Block and if you have time...throw a Flare and be ready for what next


Also here a full gameplay against a good Night Hunter ^-^ in this videos you can see all my tactics in accion





Right now i dont know what else type =\ so...What you guys think? let your tips to make this topic better :P


Be Save, Good Night, Good Luck.

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i only disagree with 1 thing : 

  • Check your playground, Don't stay in rooftops too much time, a Ground Pound can kill you or do enough  damage for a easy kill and avoid closed areas for the same reason and because is easy for the Hunter to get you with a Spit or Pounce

   i use rooftops as my main way to travel it gives best view for when hunter approaches and it allows maximum use of dodge to get away from spit or the uv spit pounce


thats what works for me anyway otherwise your list is good

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Nice tips my friend. A meme of my own to commend your tips.




The one tip I particularly like is the use of Flares "Use it as a wall and not a room". When I play as Survivor, this is a mistake I made too often as well, by hiding within the flares which later I got punished for repeatedly.


Some other tips to throw in are the use of Flares and gasoline tanks to destory nests. A great way of speeding things up and absolutely dictating the tempo of the game.




@ Darkwolf


Actually I agree with NOXD on the tip to avoid rooftops IF possible. It seems good on paper to travel via rooftop because of better vision but the possibility of getting gp'd off, or limiting you dodging abilities (specifically Old town) can spell disaster for a Survivor. The chances of getting DFA from a pounce lock is a trade off I happily accept when looking at the overall benefits of fighting a survivor on a roof brings. The only time I would say to go on the roof is if you have a partner covering your back, the hunter sucks, you're epic, or you're on slums in specific areas with small space and terrible cover for a hunter.

Edited by Huckster

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Great post! Thanks No_Other_xD!

Whaaaaaaat? D: oh my...oh my :$ well, Thanks you and your coworkers for this awesome game :$



I cant belive he post that xD make my day :$ and the topic is not even finished, I have more tactics :$ but thanks again ^_^ oh my GOD xD....

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