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F* It.

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I am playing BTZ far too long now... most of imba stuff was removed but F* it. I win great portion of my games... only because not everyone knows how to play this. Level headed skilled human who mastered game has still not much problem in finishing BTZ games victorious either solo or in any other combination. Frag score can be on my side but victory looks like a far fetched dream. Zombie side is the ones who try very very hard to succeed here to no avail. The game just puts so many barricades for hunter it just got annoying for me. F* it. When you fight pack of hunters you have to pray that at least one of them isn't skilled enough and you'll have time to spot and abuse weakness of this player... and you have to mercilessly pray on him... f* game like that. Yeah and theres more and more cheaters. I feel that and F* that too.


Just one request... rename sides here. Human hunters vs Zombie survivor.

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