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Hi Techland,


I've been wondering of what happened with the free season pass to all the players who ordered a Physical copy of the game.

I haven't found any page that says you changed it :/


The reason I'm asking is because I can't see it added in the DLC part in Steam when looking at the game, plus Steam offers me to buy it.


Just want an answer to this, cause I love the game and want the season pass but I don't want to risk buying something I will get soon.



Otherwise, keep up the good work with the game :D


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23 January Â· Edited Â· 

Dear fans,

We know that over the last few days there has been talk about the delay of the physical release. We want to say a few words and explain what it is that we want to do to rectify the situation. First up, the facts about the release:

Dying Light will have a worldwide digital release on PC of January 27, 2015.

In North and South America, the digital release and physical copies for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be available at the same day.

In Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia, Dying Light will have a digital release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of January 28, 2015. Physical copies of the game will be released in these territories on February 27, 2015. As a way to say sorry for the delay to those that pre-ordered our physical game, all of the physical pre-ordered versions will include two DLC packs - Cuisine & Cargo and Ultimate Survivor Bundle, free of charge.

We have one more announcement to make in a few hours, so stay tuned.




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