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Bozak Horde For Pc Box Copies Separate From Season Pass To Buy Dlc - Steam

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Dying Light for PC the UK released box copies  include the latest DLC  the Ultimate Survivor Bundle DLC and the Cuisine and Cargo - great thanks


so how am I supposed to get the Bozak Horde DLC when it is release in May


will I be able to purchase this separately as I already now own 2 DLC's


as there is no option to buy these packs separately on Steam


so 1 DLC for a season pass does not make sense


please can someone officially explain and confirm answer thanks


will the option be there on Steam or somewhere here to buy the final DLC on its own


thank you

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If its included in the season pass you will be able to download it for free at the gamestore when it becomes available as any other seasonpass content

But he (or she) doesn't have the season pass. Disc copies of the game for everywhere that's not 'Murica were delayed more than a month, so every preorder of a physical copy of the game got codes to download the "Cuisine & Cargo" and the "Ultimate Survivor" DLC packs, but not the Bozak Horde.

I'm not 100% sure about Steam, but on Xbox One and PS4, both of those pieces of DLC can be purchased separately, so the horde mode should also be available on its own.

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thanks for the replies


thats right I have the PC version which includes the 2 DLC's so there is no point in buying a season pass on Steam


FOR PC there is no way to buy the item separately on Steam I wanted to know if the publishers will be offering the final DLC on Steam or somewhere so I can purchase it and not have to buy a season pass as I already have 2 parts of the season pass already after waiting to buy a physical copy of the game


I have messaged Paweł Modliński - hopefully he will reply to me or someone who works here knows what will be going on



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