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Ground Pound (Bugs And Reworks)

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Ground Pound still has so many problems, let's go with the list:


  1. Plethora of glitches causing Ground Punds to miss. This includes
    a) elevation ( getting on a small box, or moving up or down a hill (or sloped roof) a little is often enough to completely dodge effects of ground pound)
    b.) collision ( this skill has collision mechanics so you can dodge it like explosions by getting behind barrels boxes.

    Suggestion: apply ground pound skill effect as sphere or box delivering it's effect.
    I think the collision it should only apply to tall walls.
  2. a) It's spammable - survivor caught with pound in confined space where he gets thrown at the wall can be just spammed with pounds up to his death.

    b.) it's animation is too long even when it hits the target - it's not issue when doing 1v1 because of point a). You are perfectly safe from target you hit.
    The targets you didn't hit with this skill are the problem. In games where there are two or more survivors you become easy target for about two seconds when successfully used pound but didn't hit whole group with it.

    Suggestion: Make a ground pound a cool down based ability with few seconds of down time but remove locked animation connected with activation.
    This will prevent spamming but also remove issue related to silly animation locking. Hunter is a beast of mobility and he is just a sad victim whenever he can't move.
    Missing a pound should still be punished as it is with a certain death.
  3.  Partial avoidance of a ground pound. Victims successfully hit by a ground pound sometimes get up faster than hunter leaves his animation.
    I'm not entirely sure about this one it may be intentional ? But It's making this skill even more of a gamble.
    Hints say pound should allow you to escape in tight situations but exactly for mentioned reason I never use pound in escape situations because I can't count on it, it's not at all reliable disable. Runner gets up faster than I finish skill animation and lands a hit before I can move away which is often enough to finish me off.

I really love BTZ from both sides although it does take less of a skill and tactics to win as Runner.
Yet as a hunter I still win better half of my games... not all runners know everything they should to beat experienced hunter. Only thing that bothers me is that minimap gps attached to the hunter.


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