Couple Of Bugs I've Found

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I've recently purchased this game and I'm totally addicted to it, my gametime is about 33 hours and I want to notify a couple of bugs I've found so far:


1.While grappling towards the top of building, sometimes I cannot grab the top and I end up falling to my death.

2.One time, my friend gave me a rare weapon, he dropped it so I could pick it up but it was stuck to the ground.

3.After surviving a night, I sometimes get the popup "Night Survived" for about 10 times.

4.Some loot boxes doesnt have prompts to open making it impossible to open them.

5.In one quest: O Brother Where Art Thou, I have to save Osman from Rais's men but one of em act as he's hurt and I couldnt kill him at all, then a friend joined me and he acted normally again.

6.Audio Stutter is annoying as hell, happens sometimes when someone joins me or playing continously for hours, all my drivers are upto date.

7.Frame rates aren't stable, even in main menu when all options are enabled it fluctuates between 40 and 60.


I want to thank you guys for making such a wonderful game, hope you guys can fix these making it a better game.


One final request: Make an Indian outfit in national outfits pls  :)



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