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Get Hard, Get Very Hard (Vhm Discussion)

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I love Hard Mode, but I'm already thirsty for even more and even harder settings. This is an open discussion. Let's make VHM happen.

If we can come up with a solid plan, then we can post it to the "Suggestions to the Devs" thread!


Here are some of my ideas.


Very Hard Mode: 
Item limit caps. eg: you can only carry a max of 5 medkits (just an example might even be less). This limiting would extend to crafting ingredients and all other items.
Increased Scarcity of items and decreased quality of found weapons.
Increased roaming Virals
Minimum of 7 virals drawn to loud noises
Virals have improved memory and better tracking
Max of 3 repairs per weapon
Add Weight limits that if surpassed causes increased stamina consumption, slower movement speeds,  and more fall damage
UV flashlight burns out after 5 seconds.
Increased Toad projectile range
Korek Machete and EXPcaliber removed from map.
Can't Tic Tac on rainy days.
That's what I got off the top of my head. Can you think of anything else or refine my ideas?
Note: if you feel that it should be even harder than this, check out my Ultimate Mode Thread
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For a starter lets call it Extreme mode. Sounds a bit better imho! Support the idea but it will be for a very small fraction of the gaming community. Still though, i'd love to see it. Hard mode is how I wanted the game to feel from unboxing. One thing I think we all agree on is more Virals :D - Perhaps having more biters behave like virals / 28 days later style. 

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