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Alright, so I've seen some other people posting suggestions on how PvP can be better.  Techland is fixing the matchmaking process which will make it IMMENSELY better!  And while I think this game is amazing overall, there are a few  things that I think could be done to make gameplay more fair and fun!  What I'll do is post some suggestions for an improvement and a few reasons why I think that's beneficial.  Then you can comment and say "yay" or "nay", a reason why, and add your own suggestions!  If I and other people like it then I will edit this original post to include it!  That way all of the good suggestions can be easily seen.  Likewise I will edit out my ideas if they don't seem very popular, or change them as needed!  Please leave a comment below of what you think, and hopefully we can get some good idea's that Techland will see!  Thanks!


Edits will be done in red


A few of my suggestions (in no particular order):


1. FLARES!!!!  Sorry, got excited.  But it seems people have used the duplication glitch to get ungodly amounts of flares and then just making an endless flare trail!  Even when spit on with a UV spit they can still IMMEDIATELY place another.  So, basically, they're invincible!  Tackle, ground pound and slapping them around only does so much damage, and usually if they've duplicated flares, they've done the same with medkits.  My suggested improvements are as follows;


             - Flares do not last the entire game, they burn out in, say,  30-45 seconds?  About as long as it takes for your UV flashlight to recharge, maybe a little longer.

             - A player can only go into a BTZ match with a set number, if available in their bag.  Maybe a cap of around 10?  That should be plenty, as you really only NEED them if you've been hit by a UV spit.

             - It also may be a good idea to fix that duplication glitch if it hasn't been already.  Even with a patch for that however I would still suggest a cap on the number of flares usable because people who had used the glitch pre-patch would still have an advantage..



2.  Players can no longer abort immediately.  Now this may seem a bit ridiculous since you would basically be making the player play. But here's my logic;


             - If a player does not want to be put in a BTZ match, then they can turn it off in the online menu, while still leaving multiplayer on for adventures with other players.

             - Doing so would help people playing as the Hunter find matches with players who would actually be willing to play.

             - It would help stop people from just leaving their console unpaused at night with the zombie invasion on.  Many a time have I found that a player has left the console to do whatever and now I have to wait or abort because I just don't find it sporting to kill a guy who's just standing there   My guess is if people are aware that if they leave it on they will be entered into an un-abortable match, they will be less likely to just wander off, at least without turning off the invasion mode.

             - I would suggest only allowing players to abort if they are going to quit the game.  If they abort then they get sent to the main menu.  I feel this would make people actually think about if they want invasion mode turned on, and make the matchmaking more effective.



3.  Give the Hunter the ability to avoid the player's drop attack.  Now this one is kinda nit-picky, but I think it would be only fair.  Here's why.


             - A Hunter's pounce is a one hit kill, but can be deflected with UV light, quite easily in fact.  A player's drop attack is one hit kill, apparently unavoidable..

             - Mainly an issue because the player can do it very quickly and basically after jumping off anything.  The player can even perform this move after jumping over a Hunter's tackle.  Trust me, it's happened to me.

             - This would be fixable by a simple button mechanic (such as using the base hit button, perhaps a juke similar to what the player does, or a jump). It would be the same thing as the brief second available to deflect a pounce or jump over a tackle.

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