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So you all are probably expecting to see the high survivor weapon issue being fixed and I hear that rumors of gold tier weapons.


Now this is kind of both question and potentially a request for the devs.


Remember in Dead Island how each class of weapon had a specialty orange weapon? Like the hammer was MC Hammer, we had Pick of Destiny, Zeds Demise, etc. Are the the rumors of the Gold tier aiming at just another level of weaponry or are these going to be something fun like this?


I haven't seen anything like this yet in the game other than Korek and EXPcalibur and would love to see some kind of throwback towards legitimate legendary weapons like this.


Since there hasn't really been any of this and if this is an idea that hasn't been brought up yet, I think that a large part of the community might enjoy something like this.

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Gold tier weapons aren't a rumor. They were confirmed in a post by Techland :)


but are the new tier of weapons going to be just general weapons as in new variety or are they going to be like the dead island legendaries? The hunt for the legendaries in Dead Island was what made weapon variety even more interesting compared to just regular tiers of blunts and sharps. the one of a kinds were important and this game should definetly incorporate that again.

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