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Future Dlc Update Ideas - Improved Dismantle Skill


I'm sure there's threads on this already (if so direct me please)


While i was looking on the forums today for any updates on the ps4 trophy glitches I was also thinking of a few cool things I'd like to see in future updates


For future DLC why not add new skills to the skilltrees & increase level caps.. we've already heard news for a new weapon rarity tier

e.g. a skill in survivor for getting more items back when you dismantle a weapon called "conserve parts" or something like that?


i dont see why i should only get a metal part or two if im lucky back after dismantling something as complex as a 2595 dmg katana +3 king upgrades with the angel sword mod.. should be getting like a king and maybe batteries or a cable or an aerosol etc back as well


theres a hell of a lot of components in most weapon modifications, esp most requiring more than 1 of a single component. there should be a skill similar to lucky repair/conserve weapons/nimble hands where you get more compontents back from a dismantle



any other ideas feel free to post :)

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