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Fun With Safe House Campers! (1 Vs. 2 - Video/commentary)

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I'm glad I caught this one, because I'll be damned if it wasn't one hell of a good time. It actually starts out as a 1 Vs. 1, but quickly shifts into the mayhem that is 1 Vs. 2.

I get lucky right in the beginning and snag an early "looking the other way" kill, which pretty much sets up two more. one of the best things you can do in any mode that is 1 Vs. 2+ is to split up the Humans. And I don't just mean separating them with the Horde; I mean keeping each engagement simple (1 Vs. 1) by leveraging respawn times.

By killing one Human, then another after a short pause, you effectively create a cycle in which one Human is always coming after you while his friend(s) is/are still respawning. It turns any 1 Vs. 2+ match into 1 Vs. 1, but with a slight difference: your Spits and UV Block regenerate much faster, letting you start off every confrontation fresh.

You haven't had much experience with me in PVP matches, I'm sure, but if you knew me, you'd know I'm not the best guy to tea-bag at. Or maybe I am? Teabagging gets my blood boiling like...

Well, like a hot cup of tea, I'd say.

Needless to say, I wasn't going to have any of this tea-bagging, Safe House-camping nonsense. Not on my show. Sure, I could have waited them out, but what's the fun in that? Homies have no place in this world.

No, I'd much rather fire a UV Spit through three windows and stick the wall behind these guys, then rush in like a majestic lion and tear their tasty heads off.

With 5 health left, I can say I'm quite thankful that Pounce and Leapfrog are not affected by the "death state" of having 0 HP. It makes for some really, really fun kills. Like this one!

I... don't know why I said it was like eating the Mona Lisa. I think I was referring to the ordeal being like a painting, and I just went on a tangent from there. That's what you get when I try to do whole-match commentary, guys - you get nonsense.


Remember, guys. Safe Houses are not Safe. I mean, what is "safe" anyway? That's just a word.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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i challenge you to kill a survivor inside the tower shop (thats 1 of three(i can think of off the top of my head) thats safe )

Man, that's a Safe "Tower." Totally different! <_<


But seriously, it wouldn't be possible. I've tested it before, and while you can technically jump up into the Tower's first floor before dying, you can't make it much farther in before the timer runs out, much less to the rooms before the shop. The wall would prevent you from reaching the shop in time.


Also, you would need to be able to UV Spit, which you can't into the Tower, even through the slightly open windows - there's invisible wall to keep Spits out. Otherwise, the Human could just use the UV Light and prevent the Pounce.


Gotta cover all bases when attempting a Safe House kill! But I'll be damned if it isn't rewarding.


I've killed 2 people in the tower before. They didn't expect me to come in with a uv spit slam.

Oh, yea, it's absolutely possible to kill people while they're floundering around in the Tower. But the shop? That's way too far in.


Nice use of the UV Slam!

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Oh you guys are talking about the tower in old town or breckens tower? I did it in breckens tower. The one in old town is impossible to breach.

Oh, uh... I was talking about Brecken's Tower as well. I've never had much of a problem with Homies in Old Town, barring the occasional Museum camper.


Nothing you can do about that except wait them out. I mean, you still win if you wait out a Homie, so no skin off my scaly back.

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Good content DoctorPurrington.  As it stands if the Survivor Cheese the Night Hunter, it just proves that they are Bad Players. 


The Humans have so many advantages, but You Owning them Bad makes Me smile.

Haha, glad to hear.


I actually had a conversation with the guys afterward, they weren't all that bad. Just kind of gave up and thought they were safe.


Which, of course, they were not.

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