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Pc Visuals And Performance Guide.

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Anyway i did some performance guide and made a video of the last mission.
All details are in the description of the video.

Here is my setup and guide for every visual option and performance impact:

Is it worth it:
easy noticeable
mediumiSHly noticeable
hardly noticeable

Performance impact:
very high

My pc:

Graphics card: GTX 970 G1 3.5gb 
Cpu: AMD FX 8320 @4ghz
Ram: 10 gb @1600 mhz
Full HD monitor / 27 inch
My goal was 55/60 average FPS.

1. Resolution: easy noticeable - high performance impact
2. Full Screen: easy noticeable - NO performance impact
3. Texture Quality: easy noticeable - low performance impact (if you got enough vram, if not enough than it will be very high performance impact. 3 gb for max setings, 2 gb medium, 1gb low)
4. Shadow map Size: mediumiSHly noticeable - high performance impact
5. Foliage Quality: mediumiSHly noticeable - low performance impact
6. View Distance (this is not draw distance): hardly noticeable - very high performance impact (only on very high points in the game like top of the towers this will matter, but that is like 0.1% of the time)
7. Ambien Occlusion: mediumiSHly noticeable - medium performance impact
8. Nvidia HBAO+ (turn it off on AMD card): mediumiSHly noticeable - medium performance impact
9. Nvidia depth of field: mediumiSHly noticeable - high performance impact
10. Blur (i don't like it) : easy noticeable - medium performance impact
11. AntiAliasing: easy noticeable - high performance impact

System info (yellow) In bottom left corner starting from up:


Graphics Card temperature + load/usage
Vram / Graphics ram usage
System Ram usage
Processor temperature + usage
FPS / Frames Per second

Recording info

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