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Any Pro Player Out There?

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I got glitched on the mission where you need to get on the other side of the bridge with zippline, 

He started than hit the air and fall to death...

Anyone made it with 0 deaths (new game, not new game + )


All story Missions

All side Mission (well 99,99%)

All quarantine zones

All safe houses unlocked

100% singleplayer

0% coop


Anyway here are the stats:

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Not sure what you are asking for help? Or just to know success rate on that mission?


I got over without death on first run and on NG+, I do know though that I've fallen from zip lines other spots/times though. I may or may not have hit the jump button again though, so I can't confirm if my falls from zip lines were glitch or me being stupid ;). I can confirm it pissed me off the few times I have fallen though ;)


Ah, just checked your link, sadly I can't compare stats, no shots of it at the end of playthrough 1. Good stats though buds. Pretty sure you did better than I did, sure I died a few more times.

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not impress you barely killed any enemies and you always under camouflage

yes insult someone who didnt go the murder everything route some players wanted to play more agility then power based i find that more impressive then 100000 zombie kills




and tc  if you dont and swimming and have grappling hook you can climb up under the other bridge theres also 2 zip lines usable one requires jumping to get to (harder one) the other requires getting to then going to the edge(like 1 step from death) and activating 

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Nice reply :)


Anyway i did some performance guide and made a video of the last mission.

All details are in the description of the video.



Here is my setup and guide for every visual option and performance impact:
Is it worth it:
easy noticeable
mediumiSHly noticeable
hardly noticeable
Performance impact:
very high
My pc:
Graphics card: GTX 970 G1 3.5gb 
Cpu: AMD FX 8320 @4ghz
Ram: 10 gb @1600 mhz
Full HD monitor / 27 inch
My goal was 55/60 average FPS.
1. Resolution: easy noticeable - high performance impact
2. Full Screen: easy noticeable - NO performance impact
3. Texture Quality: easy noticeable - low performance impact (if you got enough vram, if not enough than it will be very high performance impact. 3 gb for max setings, 2 gb medium, 1gb low)
4. Shadow map Size: mediumiSHly noticeable - high performance impact
5. Foliage Quality: mediumiSHly noticeable - low performance impact
6. View Distance (this is not draw distance): hardly noticeable - very high performance impact (only on very high points in the game like top of the towers this will matter, but that is like 0.1% of the time)
7. Ambien Occlusion: mediumiSHly noticeable - medium performance impact
8. Nvidia HBAO+ (turn it off on AMD card): mediumiSHly noticeable - medium performance impact
9. Nvidia depth of field: mediumiSHly noticeable - high performance impact
10. Blur (i don't like it) : easy noticeable - medium performance impact
11. AntiAliasing: easy noticeable - high performance impact
System info (yellow) In bottom left corner starting from up:
Graphics Card temperature + load/usage
Vram / Graphics ram usage
System Ram usage
Processor temperature + usage
FPS / Frames Per second
Recording info
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