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Took Down A Human? Don't Finish Him Off; Use Him As Bait!

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Basically, the idea is to lure multiple Humans to their deaths by using a downed (reviveable) Human as live bait. By drawing the Human(s) close together with a common goal other than killing you, you open up the possibility to get multiple free kills.

By using the Night Hunter's UV Spit at the moment a Human begins reviving his companion, you've essentially set up a bomb to go off the moment both Humans start to stand up. Since they are, essentially, in mid-animation recovery from the revive, there's little they can do to prevent - much less dodge - the exploding UV Spit. Once it has taken effect, you can leap down for a free, uninterrupted Pounce, followed by another via Leapfrog.

Shockwave is useful, but not necessary. Both Humans should be unable to do anything in the time between getting up and your UV-assured Pounce. However, it does help, since it prevents them from moving for a short time. And, if they do manage to have enough time to begin an action, you can interrupt it.

Keep in mind that you can hit "downed" players with Spits. If, for instance, you don't have a UV Spit but still want to delay a revive without entering a confrontation, you can use a Horde Spit to discourage other Humans from approaching their dead friend... unless they enjoy blowing up.


That's about it! Let me know if you guys have ever used Humans as bait - it's quite fun.

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I have used it a few times. Works against some but not all. Eg: some spam flares before reviving.

Some Humans do enjoy tossing down Flares before they revive their friends, but that's the good thing about this strategy. Properly placed, your UV Spit will destroy all Flares in the proximity of its explosion, giving you a free Pounce regardless!


As long as you fire the Spit as he starts reviving, you'll have plenty of time before the Spit goes off for their Flares to "activate" and be vulnerable to the disabling power of the UV Spit.

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