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So...hows The Game Progressing?

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Its safe to assume at least 1 of the Hellraid team, at least a moderator or community manager is watching these forums still since they deleted all those pesky spam posts from not too long ago...


Well, maybe you are right, which disturb/annoy me it's that they don´t say a word, I mean for good or ill. I was looking so much for this game, and now I fear it will be cancelled or something =S

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Kind of beginning to lose my buzz for the game. Not that I want to rush it or anything but I have been hype for it since I first read about it in April 2012 and the game seemed soooo close to going gold then nothing all of a sudden, its gotten me a little worried.

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I don't understand this. I was so looking forward to this game, spreading the word wherever i could, but this is not fair to us. How difficult can be to type like 2 words? Not a single comment or post or anything from the devs for like half a year now. I would understand delay of the game, i would understand restart of the marketing campaing for the game, hell i would even understand if the game was cancelled, but i just cannot understand when devs just completely ignore the community.

I still hope the game will come out, but i am very concerned now.

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I remember the team section on hellraid blog

And Marcin Zygaldo was in the hellraid devs team.

In fact he made a dead island mod that was

So cool that it made project hell starting.

Now the team section was modified several

Times and marcin vanished suddenly from

Hellraid team?

Now if you look on the hellraid blog (sharpen your

Axes, project hell whatever)

One of the major artist of the project called Seir

(= mateusz piaskiewicz)

Still have his profile on the blog team page.

In fact he is gone from techland since

Last year and he is working at treyarch

I guess on the call of duty franchise.


In my opinion there's big changes in the team

Or the initial team is gone.

But the only hope is that the studio have

Spent so much effort in the project that

It will survive finally...

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Why on earth do devs always do this? If you are working on a game every day how hard is it to take five minutes to post a "yes we're still alive"?


I don't know about anyone else, but when I'm looking at upcoming games the first thing I do is check the news section on their website. And when I see the last post is four months old and entitled "Dear Hellraid Fans", that's a huge red flag for vaporware. Who knows how many potential customers you've lost so far.


Please let us know if the game still exists because it is (or was) the #1 game I'm waiting for.

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