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I know that my newspaper articles were the only thing that some of you had to look forward to in this dismal city. I would like to say sorry for my hiatus, but it was not my intention to be gone for so long! If it was long at all. I'm currently unsure of how long I was gone for.


Which brings me to today's lovely story! The story of what happened to me. 




I was simply doing my daily routine, walking around Harran aimlessly looking for an interesting story to share with you all. When I noticed something strange, I heard my name being called out in the distance. I of course followed the sound, what else would any sensible human do?


I soon found myself staring into a cave. The hollering of my name, was now reduced to an almost silent whisper. I stood staring into the cave, for an untold amount of time. I was in a daze, I could feel it pulling me in. I tried to resist, but the longer I stood in the mouth of the cave, the more I felt compelled to enter.


So I decided, I NEEDED to find out what was inside. I took my first step in, cold chills greeted me upon my entry. I felt as if I had mad a mistake, it was too late now though.


"No turning back". I heard the whisper say to me.


There really was no turning back, the entrance to the cave had disappeared behind me.


I decided to make the best of it though, even if I felt colder than I ever have before in my entire life. I mean, it wasn't too bad at least the cave was lush.




I took a moment to collect myself, and soon found myself staring at a hole in the ceiling. A way out perhaps, I had to take the chances.




The only thing is, it looked like another world. I could see roads, and trees, a bridge... maybe the way out was to another world. So, I kept climbing and climbing until I hit the very top of the cave.


Then, the whole cave started to shift, the ceiling became the ground, the walls started to dematerialize, trees and land began to grow out of the sky.




It was, rather disorientating I lost balance and fell over. All I remember after that is waking up in darkness. Nothing seemed to exist anymore, only darkness. 


Then I heard it again, the faint whisper in the distance.


"Night is coming" it would announce over and over again.


"Night is coming".


"Night is coming".


I couldn't handle it anymore, I thought maybe I was perhaps just on a ledge in the cave where no light could reach. I pulled a flare from my pack and threw it as hard as I could. I descended into the darkness, it never hit the bottom.




I stood on whatever platform was holding me above the darkness listening to the whisper again and again. It began to pierce my thoughts and reverberate in my head. I couldn't take it anymore,  I jumped into the void not knowing what would become of me.




BLAM! All the air left me at once as I hit solid ground. I struggled trying to grasp onto a single breath and bring myself to my feet. It took me longer than I care to admit. I had to catch my breath for several minutes before I could comprehend what had happened to me.


I could not even guess as of what happened to me, but I warn you all to avoid any mysterious caves.



With that being said, I would also like to include that I found a nice abandoned house that I will now be using as my newspaper shop. You can come by anytime and pick up old copies, as well as new copies I release! I will be selling the papers for ONLY $12 dollars a piece.


That's the friend discount you know



You can pick up my old and new papers on the shelf over in the corner.


Issue #1 A Strange Zombie     http://forum.techland.pl/topic/3446-what-new-zombie-type/ 

Issue #2 The Harran Hoarder http://forum.techland.pl/topic/3573-daily-harran-issue-2/ 

Issue #3  Duck Duck Goon     http://forum.techland.pl/topic/3690-duck-duck-goon/

Issue #4  Bravest Man in Harran http://forum.techland.pl/topic/4828-bravest-man-in-harran/

Issue #5  Zombie Diaries        http://forum.techland.pl/topic/5342-zombie-diarys/

Issue #6  What Aliens?           http://forum.techland.pl/topic/5521-what-is-this-aliens/

Issue #7  S.A.S.                      http://forum.techland.pl/topic/5940-survivors-against-sculptures/

Issue #8 Mystery Cave          Best seller can be found upon entry of the shop.

Issue #9 The Meteor             http://forum.techland.pl/topic/8558-light-stories-you-are-dying-to-read/?p=27540

Issue #10 New Headquarters http://forum.techland.pl/topic/8558-light-stories-you-are-dying-to-read/?p=40162

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So we've been following Voltagon's post for some time, but we couldn't help to notice that he4 hasn't posted for a while. At first, we thought that maybe he's doing some crazy stunts in the Old Town (Crazy V we call him), or maybe he's just having a casual game of checkers up on the roof top of the Tower. But after a few days of silence, we started to get worried.


"Was he slayed by zombies?" - "No way, not Voltagon!" that was our outcry. But still, you can't help sometimes when that little paranoid thought start to spread around your head.


Now imagine our surprise. "There's a new Voltagon post!" I yelled, while sitting at my desk.



Since Voltagon's posts are not your standard posts - more like textual experiences - I ran to our kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee. I wanted to really savor this experience.



However, I couldn't hide the excitemt - people knew something was up. So I went to Paul and yelled "Voltagon is here! I told you he'll be fine. I believed in him, and he didn't fail. He is back!!!" His reaction said it all really. He felt what I felt - joy mixed with excitement and sprinkled with some more joy. 




With the word of Voltagon's post spreading like wildfire around the office, my desk soon had more viewers around it. 



We're just glad that Voltaron is back, and can not wait to hear what he comes up with next...


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I can only imagine Michal's and the others disappointment when they finally settled in to see Voltagon's new post only to see 2 small sentences. :(


A clear sign that if he doesn't get some Antizen fast, Voltagon will end up on the bridge wandering aimlessly back and forth, just waiting for someone to throw a Molotov at him.

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Oh, I am so sorry for giving everyone such a scare! Don't worry no zombies will get me though. I have a secret safe route through Harran. You can expect several more stories from me!

At least, until we are finally able to leave this town.

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Oh, I am so sorry for giving everyone such a scare! Don't worry no zombies will get me though. I have a secret safe route through Harran. You can expect several more stories from me!


At least, until we are finally able to leave this town.

Luckily I missed your absence with an absence of my own. Lol

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I know many of you come to my shop daily and reread my old papers. Today is different though! I have a NEW paper for you. Just your lucky day huh?

Several days ago I happened to be taking a lovely night time stroll through a field. That's when I saw a streak across the sky, a shooting star! 

I had to make a wish you know, since I missed my birthday here in this city. I know what you are thinking my wish was probably


"I wish this zombie virus was over".

"I wish that this event never happened".


Stuff like that, I assure you I DID think of that, but I had a much better wish!

I looked up into the sky following the streak of the shooting star, it seemed to be getting closer to me so I figured I had to make it quick.


"I WISH I HAD A SUPER POWER"! I yelled out.


That's when my eyes started to hurt, the shooting star was growing brighter and brighter.




It slammed into the ground with an intense force, I could feel the scolding heat radiating from the meteor.



I had to wait hours before I was able to get close enough to the crash site.

While I was waiting, I was seeing if my wish had come true. I started trying all kinds of things flying, super speed, making grass grow extra fast. I tried it all, with no success.


I'm not for sure how much time had passed, but when I looked at the crater again the fires had died off. Some strange liquid was pooled up inside. Doing the only reasonable thing, I scooped up a handful and drank it.







I started to panic, why did I drink that strange liquid I kept asking myself. Shortly after panicking, a weird sensation began to fill my body. I thought for sure I was going to die. That's when I noticed small rocks floating around me.

Was I doing it? I had to find out. I jumped, the rocks followed.  I was surly some weird rock magnet. As I began thinking about the rocks, I soon realized I had control over them.


I GAINED MY SUPER POWER! Wishes do come true.


What would I name myself? I sat down and pondered my super hero name for awhile and only came up with Rock Mover Man. I clearly wasn't thinking straight if this is the best I could come up with. So I got up off the ground and noticed it was daytime. How long had I been sitting there for my horrible name? Zombies were probably wandering around my secret safe path by now.


I walked slowly, mostly because of my Orange vision, but because zombies did wander across my path. I started thinking what if I could use my power on them too? What if I had gained telekinesis? So, I gave it a try....




IT WORKED! I had complete control over them. I tossed them aside and made my way back to my shop. Imagine how many papers I could write with telekinesis!
However, the weird feeling began to overcome me again. This time stronger than before, it felt like a fire was erupting inside me. I waved it off, I had to get back to my shop and get some rest so I could begin writing!


I got back to my shop, found my bed and crashed. I was awoken later by the inferno inside of me. I couldn't take it anymore! Telekinesis was not worth this pain.

I made up my mind, I was going to kill myself. Problem was... I am kind of a pansy. I had to find an easy way to do it. So I decided to climb the highest building that was in my area.

It took me little time at all, since I lifted myself up to the top via telekinesis. My insides felt ablaze, steam was rising off of my body. I stepped up on the ledge of the building...


Just then a snowflake fell on me. I felt the fieriness inside me die out. My eye sight began to turn to normal again.


I looked around unsure what had happened. It had begun to snow, it was beautiful from this height.




I spent the night watching the snow fall, as well as another meteor. I hope no one else was stupid enough to make the same wish as me, or drink the liquid residue left behind.

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Sorry everyone, I have had very little time to print out new papers! I will here soon have more time for putting the town of Harran in my top priorities soon though!

Hope everyone is still alive, I have been held up in my base of operations.

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I know I have been gone for awhile, but I can explain. You see I had a nice establishment built in Harran. Just when I was about to release my next paper...


Some chupacabra comes in and blows up my building. I narrowly escaped...

With that being said I have traveled for weeks trying to find a great place to set up shop again. Today I found said place! I am excited to share with you all my new residence so you can come get your papers whenever you want with little fear of the undead.


I found a nice little postal service building that I will be creating news papers at and publishing from as well!




The good news, is that even if you are held up somewhere and desperatly need something to read... I hijacked one of their vans!



The only thing slowing me down is first I have to rid this building of all it's mail. I mean most people won't be needing any of these letters or bills anymore anyways right?


I mean, Mr. Smamasot Rmsuvos Will probably never receive his mail.




This guy litteraly has an entire room dedicated to him.




So if anyone sees this man tell him he can pick up his stuff outside of the building!


With all this being said, I have a lot of work to do with this place. I will spoil next paper a little bit though... let's just say I will prove to everyone that I AM not a crazy alien person, and I will make you believe.

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5:08 AM 2/13/2016


I was wondering around Harran earlier today and let me tell you...  these people are morons in Harran.  I past that Harran Post too its a coke plant right?  Yeah he was working with whats his face selling fake antazin to the tower?  The Tower Guards knew all about it and was on the bulletin board in the lobby.  That dude is like on Harrans most wanted or something I don't know and I don't keep up to date with Harrans issues or drama and politics.  Who cares right?  Trying to make a living to survive too.

Edited by Cpt. Kid

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Haha thanks voltagon for the great news! Hey Techland, make this a thing in the game will you, the harran news has a column for this guy right? hmmm...i kinda remember reading them somewhere while looking for stuff in slums and old town. Maybe u can remind me where are they again?  :P or perhaps it's the personal journals of the missing Harran reporter that we will meet later in Harran? Geez i really can't remember hope u will help me Techland ;)  


Anyway hope to see more of your news later Mr. reporter!

Edited by EnlightenMe

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Thank you for your inspirational words! I do apologize that I have not printed a new paper recently. My lovely shop was invaded by bandits and now I have to resupply. Fear not though, I will get my papers printing again soon!

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Finally caught up on paperwork! Time to start printing papers again! Got the ink press started and oiled. Hope everyone is doing well, and has a nice shelter to survive the nights! One day we will be saved don't worry  everyone! Help is surely on it's way!

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