Weapon Docket Codes (Updated)

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I am just starting this thread so anyone that gets a weapon docket code can come here and post. This way there is a single thread that anyone can come to and find the latest post.


There are a couple of others but instead of being spread around, the community can have one central post where everyone can either get a new code or post one that they have found. I hope this works.


Also please use this thread just to post new found docket codes. Please do not have conversations on this thread, or make posts that do nothing to address the topic. This way there will not be pages of posts to sort through just to find the latest codes.


Thanks for your cooperation, and thanks to any community member who posts a new found docket code.

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I got my dockets, used 1/2 of them and got the same chupacabra I get from EVERY drop, chest and vendor. So I decided to save the other 1/2 until the high end weapon system is fixed.

My remaining dockets disappeared from the quartermaster, so now I have zero. Pisses me off I lost them, but then, the reality is that they are useless anyway. You can get the exact same weapon and quality by running to the nearest chest and lock picking it.

Losing faith, I feel like my preordering rendered me with absolutely no benefit. Also, the game I thought would keep me occupied a long while, has grown very stale, killing everything with the exact same swords; add to that I'm a bit bitter about losing my preorder bonus, which was useless anyway, I really don't know where I lay with regards to this game.


Is wanting to love a game enough?

PS: I also made several tickets and forum posts about the issues that plague my effective enjoyment of Dying Light, and have received no satisfaction. In fact, several posts I asked for Techland to weigh in (even asked in the title of one), with nothing to show.


This game is so close to being epically great, with only minor issues to take away from it. Easy fixes could save it, but will it actually happen?

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