Fellow Night Hunters, Rejoice! I've Discovered A "sweet Spot" For Flawless, Uninterruptible Pounces.

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Who among you feels downtrodden beneath the Humans' blood-stained boots? Their rugged leather stamped cleanly upon your brow; swords of legend, forged in fire, nestled comely between your eyes. Who among you raises your tendril-slathered fists to the moon and cries once upon each fortnight, "Goddamn Humans!"

No more. Now, we have our own weapon.

They have Flares, but will they use them in time? They have guns, but are their fingers quick enough to slay you? They are not, and nay, they are not.

Using your UV Block, approach the Human with extreme prejudice. Leap. Leap into the night like the majestic lion you are.

And look down upon the face of your meal. Look down upon it like a hungry man looks down upon the face of a cooked lobster and says, "I don't care if you have eyes. You're already dead."

Essentially, the Pounce ability can be used safely as long as you are directly behind a person. Humans do not "snap" to you, despite how the animation looks, unless you are to the side or in front of them.

With this method, you escape the Human's "Dead Zone" of vision by actually Pouncing when you are, for all intents and purposes, behind the Human. Because you are still allowed to Pounce, you prevent the Human from being able to turn quickly enough to UV you and home in for the kill.

Now this, of course, does NOT work if there is already a Flare on the ground. But if you approach the Human before they can do anything preventative (i.e. throw a Flare), it's a flawless Pounce.

And the best part about this strategy? It's hyper-aggressive, in-your-face fun. No longer will you be the hunted.

You are the Night Hunter. Now take back the night, goddamnit.

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This wont work against someone who has nigh inf airstrikes. You cant get close. the few times you can get them, do not outweigh how fast they tear through nests.

This is true, sadly. Any active Flare still disrupts the Pounce.


However, Air Strikes are a wee bit dangerous to be using in this instance, since you're just jumping over the guy. I've actually seen guys kill themselves with their own infinite airstrikes which, in and of itself, is hilarious.


Even a regular Flare takes a moment to activate, as it doesn't drain your UV until it hits to ground. If you can get the Pounce off quickly enough, you can even beat the Flare! It's a very rewarding feeling.

good move :) at first I thought that you was talking about a glitch or something xD but is good anyway, thanks for the share

Nope! And that's the best part - no hacks or dupes needed. You can take down those filthy Humans without stooping to their level :3

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Airstrikes in BTZ does not make any sense.  Making such noise should incur a severe Penalty by way of rushing Zombie Hordes.

This is actually a great idea, I would love it if this was implemented. Just like in the Campaign, overly loud noises (guns, Airstrikes) would summon a Hoard similar to the Hoard Spit. That would punish spammers pretty hard, considering the Hoard doesn't care about Flares and would run right in for the suicide.

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