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Survivor Mod: Increased Difficulty, 40 Level Cap, Hunger (Food/drink),reduced Loot Tables, Weapon Restoration Project, Unlocked Moves, Scarier Zombies

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The Survivor mod is intended to make life a little more like a survival game by reducing a lot of factors that make Dying Light too much of an arcade game for me and my coop friends. Now you'll have to spend more time scavaging parts you need and crafting should mean using your resources wisely.

I have a lot planned to make this a more fleshed out mod, so I'll keep adding content and I'm happy to implement ideas the community has that would fit the mod.

The newly implemented hunger system means you'll need to find food and water to stay alive in Harran now, not just a big axe!

Lyravega has graciously given me permission to use his Weapon Restoration Project within Survivor Mod. So expect to see a whole host of weapons available at vendors after level 20!
Here are some of the features I currently have working. Please consider that there are many mods available now that currently do the same or similar, we're all tweaking the same files from data0.pak

- Increased difficulty: now you'll need to earn more experience to gain the higher level skills. Some skills will require more than 1 point to obtain.
- Increased level cap and experience required to get there. Currently up to level 40 in all three skill trees. This means you may not be able to get EVERY skill as this would need 42+ skill points, so spend wisely. This works very well in co-op where you can share the burden of crafting items.

- Added hunger system. You now need to carry food/water in a backpack slot to stay up to the task. New items [Canned Food] and [bottled Water]. 45 Minute cooldown.
- Removed frequency of a lot of loot drops. In many situations, you're just as likely to get an empty cupboard as you were to find something. This also removed certain items from locations that seem out of place. (no more disc blades in kitchen cupboards, for example)
- Now the only place to get metal scrap is from weapons you find. Decide if you want to repair your own with the metal scrap, or sell a found item for cash. Loot is dramatically reduced.

- Incorporated Weapon Restoration Project by Lyravega!! Now you'll have access to a variety of weapons at levels 20-25

- Low grade weapons (white and green) are now not as useful. All weapons have slightly reduced damage.

- Added cooldown to flashlight (45 seconds use, 6 second recharge)

- Added stamina usage to kick (this seems to only function when stamina is already draining from melee)

- Reduced ammo carry capacity for pistol, shotgun and rifle (30, 30, 60 respectfully)

- Reduced stack sizes for throwables

- Increased required components for blueprints. All explosives now require at least a battery, cable, electronics

- Increased zombie sight range and light reaction

- Reduced health (Bonuses still apply)

- Zombies now swarm more (and they're just generally more pissed off)

- Enabled wallrunning

- Enabled grab expert

- Reduced inventory size

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It's best played with a new character. Whenever you're using mods, it's advisable to backup your character. You'll need to find food immediately with your current character, but I really would advise a new start.

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