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Ridicoulous Forum Spammers

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Okay, so I know that we have some sort of control over bot accounts and spammers on the forums, but I swear it's getting worse everyday. I stop by this forum at least once a day on a regular basis to see what's new, but as of today, I have finally gotten tired of the spammers.


Literally, the first two pages of threads have been just spam. I report a spam account as soon as I see it and I feel like all I do on these forums is actually submit reports more than actually read the normal threads. 


I guess what I am asking for is harsher and stricter control over threads. Maybe making filters for thread titles and content that would red flag it before it even shows up so that it doesn't need to be reported in the first place. Making certain degree of red flags could result in automatic account bans because of how obvious it is.


Another thing I would recommend is implementing a system that reads new threads and if two or three seem to match by at least 70% or more, all the threads get banned with the user. Once again this would result in less spamming in the threads and less reports to deal with.


The last idea I would recommend is giving slight mod powers to active members that are on here often to ban threads/accounts without needing reports. Not that I am trying to convince you guys to let me be one such person that would be able to do that, sometimes I do wish I could do it myself instead of having to file a report every time with the amount of time I spend here.

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