Can You *please* Allow Us To Turn The Looping Music Off In Old Town?

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For the upcoming patch, can you please add a "radio" or "switch" in the room of the "visionary" guy who is blasting his music extremely loud all over Old Town, so we can turn it OFF after we finish the mission?


This music is too repetitive, and frankly very, very, very annoying after a while. It's not pleasant to listen to, it's not long or subtle enough to be just elevator background music, which is really needs to be.


I will sound a bit ridiculous, but this really turns me off and conflicts with my music that I'd like to play in the background while I play the game. I understand the reason for it BEFORE the mission, but not AFTER.


Or, is there a way to turn it off that I missed? I checked the apartment for anything I could switch off, but did not find anything.


Many thanks! (and for my sanity too)

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I realize this is an old thread, but I found it because I'm just getting around to playing DL now and the music loop is driving me nuts. Maybe this will help someone else...


Go to: C (or wherever your SteamLibrary folder is)/SteamLibrary/steam apps/common/Dying Light/DW/Data

Find the Music_2.CSB file and copy/paste it to another location for backup (not sure it only contains the annoying radio loop so you may want to keep it just in case).

After copy/pasting, delete this file. Annoying music loop is GONE


This is for the Steam Version on PC

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