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Dying Light 2?

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Would you like to have the opportunity to play for the other types infected?

Let's make an analogy. It is no secret that the night hunter has incorporated many of the previously we have seen in L4D:

- ground pound




- tackle




- spit


- tendril & pounce

37cf594ec828t.jpg b1ef7602b06at.jpg

I do not argue, it is interesting to play for the hunter. But it would be much more fun to play 4 on 4. Four survivors against four infected.

May be someone like a predator with its possibility of masking (chameleon). Someone like the demolishers, but with a very large amount of health, armor and strong attacks. Any kind of a screamers.

Yes, it needs some location like "arena", more firearms. But I think such a game would have bought a lot of people.

Maybe we ask the developers to make Dying Light 2 with a dynamic and fun PvP modeI know they can. :rolleyes:

What do you think?

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