Help�long-Distance-Jump (R2) Problem

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just start this game and  i like it very much (even just start)


but i'm stucked not long after the start


in "awakening", during the "training" on top of the building, when "long-distance-jump" task

is coming, my problem is coming



when long-distance-jump

player need to hold R2 and whatch the target at the same time


but when i do this, i always got a "little-jump" which can not reach the target (far away)


i tried more than 100 times, but no one is ok'


i'm not a recruit for this kind of game and i checked the web, it seems that someone has the same problem like me


what should i do?

need your help!!


thank you very much!!!!!



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I'm not sure about console but on PC you just sprint -> jump as normal and then look -> hold button to catch edge. Try same way on console.

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