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Joining game where people cheats is just annoying and frustrating.
Here, have a look at these sample cheaters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGu0EQ5eAq4 (at least 2 of them were cheating, one of them had speedhack turned on, probably CheatEngine) - why I didn't ragequit, read below.
teleporting around, uber big health bar / unlimited health, 1 hp nests...
Here, I will confess to something: before 1.4 patch I used spit exploit to counter speedhackers (encountered lots of them), that made them ragequit nicely. I even beat some unlimited HP / Hunter Stamina cheaters without any boost, they also ragequit. Should I prepare CheatEngine cheats table now everytime I want to play and to counter cheaters by becoming a cheater myself? Everyday more cheaters appear in BTZ mode, it's time to do something with it...
Cheating is the most common issue on PC, why didn't you implement VAC support? (Dead Island without PvP mode had it)
It's easy to implement for developers (at least that's what SteamWorks documentation says).
Maybe you could also implement another network visibility option: selected steam group, so people could create own communities for BTZ (where you can simply kick out and ban cheaters from) making finding games better, not to mention it might be nice start for small competitive scene.
Matchmaking still needs tweaking, public list seems to return random results with each refresh (same game entries show randomly, hide on next refresh, then come back again).
Maybe you could add option in Quick Join to search for games with more than 1 (or specifically for X) player(s)? And also that it retries on join error...
I would really love some answers from Techland.
Concerned Player
Just to be clear, I don't say it's bad game or anything, I think it's great and I love BTZ mode, but it's just that cheaters sooner or later ruin the game if you don't do something about it.
I'm not just a random crying guy, for years I supported MovieBattles II modification and now I'm officialy helping the dev team, it kinda went dead after cheaters ruined it because devs didn't do anything about it, so raged people just left. I don't wanna see this happen to BTZ.


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