Co-Op Issue, Can't Invite Friends...

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So, when I'm in the campaign and press pause the "quick join" option is grey-marked and the "invite friends to party" is not there. On the game visibility is says "single player" but when I enter options > online it says public on game type but all the options there are grey-marked. If I quit to the main menu and go into online options I can change the game type but when I enter the campaign again it's still on "singleplayer".

Anyone with the same issue? I'm on the last story mission on the campaign and I've played co-op before but a couple of days ago it just stopped working. I can join friends though.



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Same exact issue. I think the last story mission is single player only, that may be the problem. Which is stupid, since I played the entire game with my husband and now have to finish it alone. Kinda ruins the experience. 


I have a feeling that if we finish the last mission, co-op will be restored. Since it pretty much says that when you try to go into the last mission.


But yeah, just letting you know, since no one else has answered.

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