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Developers! Please Balance Pvp!

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Warning! Everything written has the status IMHO!

I apologize for my English, it's translator.

Night Hunter is very weak. Even the game against one survivor, who understands what to do, it is very difficult. Monster that one of its kind should cause a heart attack, it becomes a hunted animal in such a game. I lost hunter only 1 time - it was a cheater with infinite health. And he killed me in safe areas, while I was trying to explain to him ... how bad of being a cheater.

1. Ultraviolet Flashlight:
- Shines very far (it would be nice to cut 2-3 times);
- Discharged for a long time (to weaken the completeness of a hunter need a maximum of 20% of the charge, it's not fair);
- Very fast charging...
2. Sense of survival. Survivors see the hunter very far. It is necessary to limit the range to the range of the minimap. Honestly, do not understand what part of the body survivors discover the hunter. Voodoo people...  :ph34r:
3. Weapon damage. The larvae are destroyed with one blow a top katana (nearly 2,600 damage). Nest for 3-7 seconds. Or significantly reduce the damage of weapons or make larva was destroyed with 10 (for example) beats any melee weapons.
***Incidentally, such a huge damage spoils the whole game on the top level. Killing demolishers and goons with one hit. It would be nice to reduce the maximum possible damage on melee weapons by 2-3 times. (IMHO)***
4. Firearms. Surviving shoot, absolutely without fear. Why virals do not go to the sound of gunfire and explosions? Survivors should be wary of loud noise, because it attracts dangerous zombies. But now it's not so...

5. "A player raised *** player ***."

Are you serious? What kind of voodoo magic? The man fell from the roof and broke his legs, spine and head in 3 places and another player ran and raised him?!  :huh:

Cut this heresy of PvP multiplayer...

6. First-aid kits. Or completely cut out of PvP mode, or to make a long cooldown, or significantly increase the treatment...

Night hunter.

1. Health. "Hunter" dies with 2 strokes top katanas, 3 strikes the weakest sticks or 5 strokes with bare fists. Very terrible beast, seriously...  :lol:

It is necessary either to significantly increase the supply of health, or do limit of punches that can withstand the hunter (any weapon). Fists and broken weapons should not cause damage to the hunter.

2. Some incomprehensible aura hunter gives him even if he is behind the obstacle (wall, roof, etc.). What is it for?

3. The damage of this ability. Blow to the ground and hit a running cause very little damage (25-30% health survivor). It would be nice to do 50%. The survivors have to fear a hunter in melee, especially 1 to 1. And not to make the competition "Who is the greatest hunters kill with his bare hands" ...
4. Recharge spitting very long. Surviving dodge the spit is very easy. The conclusion? Spitting almost useless ...
Must either reduce the time of detonation spit, or to increase the radius of the explosion.


1. Why during the invasion 70% of zombies disappear, the remaining 30% are converted into Gazi's mom and do not pose any threat to the survivors? Need more protection of nests, more zombies, more powerful zombies ...

2. Safe zones. Why did they just kill the hunter? It's just an ultraviolet light that was supposed to reduce the force. It's not fair ...  :blink:


You might think I'm asking too much. But it is not. The game turned out great, I like it very much, but PvP mode does not have balance and the hunter is very weak at the moment.
Again, I lost only one hunter - the cheater with infinite health. Speaking of cheaters. Today caught cheater survivor who teleported to the nests and destroy them.
And one more thing. It's no secret that connect as a zombie is very difficult. It may be worth to remove from the network configuration option to disable intrusion? Those who do not want intruders - even sleep at night, or play offline.
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