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A Compliment To The Game Developers! :-)

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First of all, in this section, all i'm reading are complains or negative feedback about the zombie invasion mode.

(Well, to be honest, there aren't really many complains or negative feedback. it's just a handfull of people compared to the thousand's of people playing the game)


I wanted to create a thread to show the developers some respect and tell them how great their game is.


Zombie Invasion IS balanced as it is!


Of course we have people here complaining about being killed, either from the hunter or from the survivor. But that's part of onlinegaming, you kill and you are getting killed.


I read in another thread: "I wanted to kill the survivor and i had very good chances, but he UV lighted me, the UV need's to be nerfed" You can tell in this example that some people are just bitter or bad at losing. If they would nerf the UV light, then you have your kill, right? The Hunter can basically "fly" around the map, when you constant circle your enemy as a hunter, then your chances to pounce him are much higher. Also, spits.


Anyway, btt. Zombie Invasion is balanced, i for myself still lose most of the matches against the hunter, but i won't blame the developers or beg the developers to change the game. The mode is exciting as it is, there aren't easy kills on both sides, you have to be concentrated all the time, use your surroundings, your equipment etc. 


Now back to the compliment about the gamemode.


I like how Zombie Invasion is taking place at night, it gives the whole mode a special exciting and a little scary feeling. The music once there is only one life/nest left, also adds more drama to the scene.


The hunter can see the survivor all the time on the map, even through walls. It makes it easy for the hunter to target his opponent and trying to pounce or spitattack him. That's why the survivor has the UV lamp, it's his only way to avoid a quick pounce. That doesn't mean the hunter dies, no, he is only currently stopped from attacking you. All in all, this game modes has many situations like that, which can be counterattacked etc.. Spits, camouflage, flares, hordes, pounce, UV light, hook, hunter ability to fly around the map, sense and so on.


It's a well balanced gamemode, keep in mind, you can't always win, and every person has different skill. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. People please don't beg developers to change the game to your own advantage. Enjoy the game.


Thanks for reading :-)

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Do you play in Ps4? :) try to hunt going to show you how "balance" that mode is...dude if you lose 1% of ur cant pounce, the hunter is useless without that 1%, try to tackle going to jump over you and land on you with the air kill...:) please be a ps4 player...

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yeah sorry dude the night hunter is not balanced my win to lose when i play human is at least 90%.

i posted some suggestions to the devs for possible fixes. this game mode where original for pre-order only

so if it where a little bit of an after thought i would understand the huge power differences, but i am not

making suggestions to the devs out of hate, i freaking love the game and night hunter mode is a great start

to a fantasist A-symmetrical mode. it only needs to be refined a bit.


and people are giving you way to much hate but believe me, learn how to use dive kill and your uv-light right

use your sens plenty and you will find it easy to take a night hunter.

remember all night hunters abilities can be avoided all of them, but humans dive kill is absolute and 100% kill.

and devs dont take my dive kill its my bread and butter in this game, its by far the most fun ability in the hole game.

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i win the majority of my night hunter games (some skill some luck) and only time i lose as the survivor is when i give the win to the night hunter (i often let low levels get kills and win the match as i dont need the exp) and i know for a fact the night hunter isnt balanced people have fist fought the night hunter  and won  that alone says there is bad balancing 


humans should not know where the hunter is at 4x the pounce range or being able to uv the hunter at 3x the range of pounce 



i know i can beat skilled hunters and you could send the best hunters and i have a few ways to beat them that they cant really stop i can 1hk all nests and 1 power attack from my katana when the energy drains has ohk every hunter so far otherwise with energy its 1 power and 1 fast attack


changes i want make it fairer for all as it stands a semi skilled survivor can take down skilled hunters but a semi skilled hunter will always lose against a skilled survivor and will have a hard time against a semi skilled survivor 


ive seen unskilled survivors(never play the mode before) kill hunters and only die 2-3 times and the hunter was semi skilled 

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