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Will Dying Light Take Place In The Established Dead Island Universe

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Hopefully I'm not asking a question that has already been asked. But, early on, like when Dying Light was first announced. Just a few days later there was an interview done with one of your guys, (Can't remember if it was an article or video interview, its been a while), who talked about the teams plans for the game. Basically, he said that Dying Light WAS a Dead Island game, but the reason for the name chance was because these would be new character, new locations, and new game mechanics. The way I interpreted that statement, "We changed the name to let our fans know that we are taking the Dead Island series in a new direction. By changing the name we also let our fans know that they should be expecting something different/new and they should not expect the same RPG style Co-op zombie slasher they've become accustomed to." After seeing that interview, I was left with the impression that Dying Light would be Dead Island 2, or at least Dying Light would be fallowing the Dead Island lore which was first set in Dead Island and expanded on Dead Island: Riptide, but gameplay wise this one would be much different. But now, I see that you guys are making an actually Dead Island 2, title and all. This has left me a bit confused, which is why I ask this:


Will Dying Light be taking place in the Dead Island universe?


When the game was first announced everything I was hearing about it suggested that this game was going to be a spin-off or sequel to Dead Island, just with different gameplay, characters, and a story that wasn't just about escaping.


So ya, will Dying Light be in some way tied to Dead Island's lore or is this a whole new game with brand new lore?


I looked over all the content you published, and although you guys stated you did not want Dying Light to just be Dead Island 2 (i.e. RPG style zombie slasher), you never explicitly stated that Dying Light will not tie into the established Dead Island lore. If you can, please carify ^.^

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Techland is not working on Dead Island 2, and neither do they have any connection to the developement of that game. Dead Island 2 is owned and published by Deep Silver, and is being developed by Yager.

So its safe to say that you can expect it to be a different universe. because using any Dead island assets could get them in trouble, and this also includes the lore.


I hope this clears things up for you and other people.





The interwebz, and information i got from a friend who is a project manager at Deep Silver.

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Hey Sohisohi, 


The "Dead Island" name and franchise has now moved on to Deep Silver, and Dead Island 2 is something that they are working on - we have nothing to do with that production.

And you are pretty spot on with Dying Light's description - it is a spiritual successor. 


Btw, good work on this thread Sohisohi and HaNTolO - I'm gonna give you both a Vote-up/community point for this.

Nice one guys.

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