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Uv Light Needs A Huge Nerf.

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I just can't wrap my head around the idea of the Survivor Sense locating the Nighthunter. The Nighthunter has absolutely no chance at keeping a low profile.. (or actually hunting?). Humans always know of it's location, and combine that with the UV light, flares, grappling hooks, Hunter Boosters and you've got some serious game to hunt. 60% of the time when I join games with 2 or more players, I'M THE ONE BEING HUNTED. It's not fair lol.  


The Survivor Sense makes 1vs1 scenarios actually possible, with humans actually having a chance.. But you give two good players the survivor sense, and I don't care how good you are and how many skills your Nighthunter has - You're going to have a rough time defending those nests. 


I don't know if the Survivor Sense should be removed or not.. But one thing is for sure, it definitely needs to be tweaked. 

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