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Gpu Clock Speed Render Bug Fix ?


Hi guys/developers

Well done thus far, it's a brilliant game

I have a question regarding the rendering bug


I just wondered if and when the fix would be implemented for this issue ?

I ask as I have spent a considerable amount of money on an Asus Gtx980 Matrix Platinum GPU.

This GPu has a factory over-clock that is way above the reference design, it is designed to run faster.

I am having to down clock that card to get the game to run without crashing.


Obviously I would like to be able to use my hardware as intended and I paid a considerable a premium for a card that can do that, sadly Dying Light is the only game that I have an issue with and have to down clock and slow the gpu down to play.


Has there been any progress on this issue and if so when will

It be implemented please

I appreciate you guys are busy, but if one of you could let me know if and when this is being tackled I would appreciate it, I'd wager quite a few PC gamers would also like to know.

Many thanks


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