This Game Is Too Hard!

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last night I took things a lot slower and figured out the melee attacks and making sure I ran like a sissy to safe zones before dark. leveling up my skills to the second level helped out a lot.


i have to admit, those runs to safe zones were some of the most intense feelings I've had playing a game. 


basically, it's a tough learning curve figuring out what you can "get away" with. like the first play through a Metal Gear game.

I got myself up to Lvls 3-5 before even doing Spike's set traps mission - I should be starting that today & start the main missions.  I don't want to be too overpowered but I def. hate the idea of being underpowered when this game creeps me out so badly & I choke sometimes in combat due to that.

I hope the Dodge skill helps to beat the big concrete sledge dude :(

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i gotta say, this is a good community, normally we would have gotten flamed for admtting this stuff. ;-)

I don't doubt that 1/2 those flamers suck at gaming & are just doing the bully thing lol  I'm not ashamed of being a moderate gamer, it's my only real hobby and I go at my own pace & get every dime out of the games I buy.  It's not like I've chosen this as my career path or anything


Horror games are where I choke the most - fear just causes me to lock up sometimes.  I get too immersed & feel like I'm really there when I'm not.. if only I knew how to turn that off.

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To the right of the building he is on is a cliff. Go up there and just rain molotov's down on top of him. He'll be dead in seconds.

Then you can go down and search the dead bodies for the envelope, and you'll also unlock a new safe zone in the building he was hiding on top of.

I would go to the cliff and drop down to were he is and try to kick his goatsucker

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