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Dear Techland Re Game ++

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Thus far the best suggestions I have seen for new game + and new game ++ (etc) have been a tiered system similar to Diablo 3 or such other games where the enemy difficulty increases with each completion of the game. Essentially allowing players eventually to meet a level of satisfactory challenge for their skill. 


One alternative I can see is to allow custom campaigns with a form of skull system in place. Enabling a skull presenting the player with a new challenge and would be unlocked by completing the previous skull. Note that multiples can be used at once. Egs for such skulls are are/could be as follows. 

  1. Enemy health increase by x amount
  2. Enemy damage increase by x amount
  3. Night time duration increased by X amount
  4. Weapon drop rate decreased by X amount
  5. Item durability loss increased by X amount
  6. Grappling hook cooldown increased by X amount
  7. Crafting materials required for all items increased by x amount
  8. Minimap disabled, or enemy view angle increased by x amount
  9. Inventory space decreased by x%
  10. Medkit capacity decreased to X amount



I'd appreciate any views from others on the suggested skull system? - Do you think it a good idea? Bad Idea? Speak up !

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There is a new game plus option if you click advanced when you go to play campaign it says new game plus.

Thank you for the help but i'm on the "New game +" currently killing everything in 1 hit. Whilst it has the name, it doesn't do what it says on the tin. 

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