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Glitched Trophy Solutions


Just wanted to let you guys know I got the safe house trophy to pop by starting a NG+.  Started a fresh save at the last mission (extraction), and just cleared the first 3 safe zones I came to and it popped.  I also got the This his Haraaaan trophy to pop after hours of kicking zombies off the Infamy Bridge, I realized as soon as I kicked them off they'd immediately respawn.  So,  I kind of had a hunch these respawn zombies didn't go towards the count, and said chupacabra it and decided to come back to this trophy later. So, today I decided I'll go to Old Town kick 10 zombies off roof tops, and if it doesn't pop it's glitched because I've kicked massive amount of zombies off rooftops/cliffs.  After like 3 or 4 it popped, so I can only assume these respawn zombies were the culprits.


So, guys I'm not saying these are 100% solutions but they worked for me.  If you guys are struggling with these trophies maybe these will work for yinz.

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