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Disclaimer: Sorry if this has already been posted but I couldn't find a thread that noted my particular point. 


I love the idea of the "Be the Zombie" game mode and do not want to miss out on it. That being said i'm going to pre-purchase, hopefully from a retailer rather than steam, because the prices are soooo much better. (Tesco/Amazon ect.)


Q: Will the retail pre-purchases of the game feature the exclusive pre-purchase deal offered on steam. i.e. Will retail pre-orders include "Be the Zombie" and "Exclusive Weapon: Punk Queen" dlc?


Thanks for any feedback, much appreciated.  :)





P.S. One other question I'd seen in the forums that hadn't been answered;


Q: Will the pre-order eclusives be available at any point after release, or is it completely 'exclusive' to pre-orders only.


Once again, thanks for any feedback.

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