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Be The Zombie Mode Very Unbalanced

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Hello Techland, might I say you have a very fine game here except the Be The Zombie Mode.

After playing this mode several times I have come to the conclusion of two things. One the Hunter is very unbalanced and has a huge disadvantage against the survivors (even if it is just one). My second is that the servers are broken.

To elaborate on the first conclusion the Hunter is at a large disadvantage for many reasons. One being that the Survivor has the ability to sense at all times where the hunter is, this causes the Hunter hunting the player to be the Player hunting the hunter. The player can sense whenever he/she wants and with a quick glance at the mini map knows your exact location making you (The Hunter) the target. This takes all the tension straight out of the mode and ruins it completely. Next would be the Hunters sense should be limited, again the Hunter takes all the fun out of game by being able to see the player through everything. My next point will be regarding the abilities, the spits are a very well and thoughtful idea but simply the amount of time it takes to recharge these spits makes them useless and the fact that they can be easily dodged or avoided by players, the UV block is helpful but in the end does not stop you from getting cornered. My next point regards the survivors move set, through my play throughs of the mode I've found that a favorite move by the Survivor is the dropkick. This move sends the hunter flying and by the time the Hunter recovers the player can then do it again and again until the Hunter dies. Next issue due to the player stash duplication glitch everyone has unlimited UV flares, this obviously becomes a problem as the Hunter cannot pounce on the player. This brings me to the next issue of pouncing, pouncing in the game was a good idea but simply does not work because the players UV flashlight and the Players survivor sense. The player cannot become busy or distracted in the game mode and can easily focus on the Hunter so when he pounces it is interrupted. Next the pounce should not cost full stamina, it is almost impossible to ever get the opportunity to pounce in the first place but now you also need to make sure you have full stamina this concept is ridiculous taking the Hunter's main weapon away. To elaborate on the second conclusion of the matchmaking being broken, it takes forever to find a game with a big chance of it not letting you join, or the player simply leaves the game free of penalties.


Now for some solutions to these issues.


Issue 1, The Survivors Sensing ability: This sensing ability should have a recharge during the game mode or be taken out of it completely. A good replacement would be for the Survivor to hear the Hunter, and when the Hunter screams the player should get a short duration of seeing the Hunters location for a limited time. This adds tension to the game and makes the hunting and the feeling of being hunted more horrific.

Issue 2, the Hunters Sense: Make this a recharge ability or get rid of it and implement something new. Make it so the Hunter sees the footprints left behind by the Survivor(s) and has to track them down. Make it so if the player makes noise the hunter can then briefly see their location. This makes the hunt more fun and adds tension for both sides.

Issue 3, The abilities of the Hunter: The recharge rate for the abilities should be cut in half and the spits should have a larger radius to cover so they are harder to dodge.

Issue 4, The dropkick: The dropkick is an over powered ability that puts the Hunter at a severe disadvantage. Make it so the kick does not send the Hunter flying away, or make it so the Hunter has a faster recovery time.

Issue 5, Unlimited UV flares: We all can see the obvious problem with these, how to fix them would be next to impossible but working on patching the glitch would make the online better for everyone. 

Issue 6, Pouncing: The zombie population needs to be increased so the Survivor can be distracted and The Hunter can have a pounce opportunity. Another fix is to fix the previous issue of the Survivor sense. The pounce should cost 3/4 of the stamina making it fair, making it use full makes it too much of a hassle to try to use.

Issue 7, Matchmaking: Although I hate this, a punishment is needed for players who leave early, I was thinking a probation of being banned from matchmaking temporarily. I would also think making them lose all their current XP would make it so they would stay. 


I hope these current issues will be addressed in the near future, this mode is unbalanced where the hunter is weak and the player is strong let's make it evened out or the Hunter is strong and the player is weak.

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My Contribution.


Survivor UV Light lasts far too long, especially in 4vs1.


The more Players vs The Hunter, the shorter each Players UV Light should last. This would  Promote more Team Work.


Hunter Spits need to be reworked.  Normal Spits should be time delayed as they already are. Charged Spits should Detonate much faster or on contact with a Player or the Environment.


Survivor Sense, should be removed or put on a slow burn timer.  The Hunter already eposes His position in 4 Ways.

  • Heavy Breathing.
  • Loud Footsteps. 
  • Screaming to locate Players.
  • When Hit with UV Light.


Night Hunter Health should scale up when more Players are in the Game. The Hunter is too Fragile especially in 4vs1 Games.


Night Hunter Ground Pound should AOE Extinguish any Flares caught in the Shockwave.

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