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New Mod System Q's And Suggestions! Mod Plea Halp!

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Morning all of you beautiful beautiful people. 


On Facebook this morning I was pleased to see Techland announce a mod system is in the works for this game. Further evidence which makes me believe they really are trying to make this game have some real staying power. One thing I would like to ask is that would these mods have to be developed on pc? Or will the mod system be usable on the other platforms?


As a request, and I sure hope a mod reads this. I would like.


  1. to be able to tweak the weapon drop table at level 25 to include some of the weaker weapons.
  2. Then to adjust their damage, so some of the older weapons would be usable once more. 
  3. Lastly, to adjust enemy health so that we go back to the good old days of smashing a zombies head 5-10 times before it finally explodes.
  4. Oh and also to increase the grapple hook cool down to at least 1x minute, to keep some stress in the game

whilst i'm at it, some other minor things...

  • adjustable bomber damage (make it hurt but not kill)
  • Adjustable spitter visual block (make it really blind you :D)
  • adjustable zombie speed / (so that at night, all the biters can move quickly) - or alternatively make all biters into virals at night?
  • health of individual mob types - some of the larger ones in particular. 
  • frequency of random events - for when people have completed the game.
  • customization hud options, ie the removal of the map but allowance of markers, removal of ammunition count, hidden levels (especially when max)


I honestly hope someone gets to read this but I do appreciate you guys are probably up to your elbows in hard work. Really looking forward to all my friends getting their hard copies in a couple of weeks :)

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