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I Feel Like Ive Been Robbed By Techland And Dying Light

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So ok..

i have PRE-PURCHASE the game Dying Light for $60 on steam. i did that around january 22..

the game supposed to released on january 27..

ive waited..

finally the release date came..

trying to run the game..

got an ERROR "Failed to Start Game (Missing Executable)

im opening a ticked on support page..

getting a respond after 4 days with some instructions ive already tried and didnt work...

im responding back that this instruction doesnt fix the problem...

still wating for an answere...

im opening second support ticket..

still wating for answere...

im opening third support ticket asking for refound... since its been 2 weeks from the date this game released and even if i PRE-PURCHASE... i didnt had a chance to play the game yet...

guess what?



i honestly feel like ive been robber by this company and i really need my money back.. so PLEASE chupacabra REPOSND ON THIS TOPIC..

i dont want a fix for this game as i dont really want to play it now on.. I NEED MY MONEY BACK..

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I feel your pain but you gripe is with steam since its their digital download that is messed up and their support is the worse. I know this for a fact I bought a digital download of doom bfg from them and it wouldn't run and its been a month of their support bs of do this and do this and do that and goto this site and check the faqs and I tried everything and it still doesn't work and they even closed my ticket and I reopened it and now they are stalling again. steam is chit and companys that go thru them think that they will get more sales because of reaching a bigger audience since most games force gamers to use steam.

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