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Superpowers From The Bites Of Infected Animals And Insects!

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Superpowers Mod: 

Crane gets bite by 4 different infected animals what allows him to evolve to powerful

half-infected which means he will be a human by day and infected by night. Moreover, every

mission can be taken only at the human form. At night, Crane needs to hunt for the humans

or other zombies. And there are 4 abbilities/superpowers (few leveled up variations of each):

1. spider bite - ability to release a stream of spider web from the wrists or wrap enemies

into cocoons. Crane's hand and fingers look like shaped into spiderlegs-looking hand;

2. hornet sting - ability to release swarm of infected hornets or inject a venom by the handy sting.

Hornets are living under our skin. Crane's hand are covered by some larvas as well.

3. wolf claws - ability to transform into powerful, fast and deadly warewolf.

I think this one doesn't need any more description for sure.

4. viper jaw - ability to release two vipers connected to Crane's forearms. Special 

attacks will allow us to penetrate enemy's skull or corps and to bite them of course. 


Setting rule: only one ability can be taken before the night. To transform to the other form or to level up

your current ability you will need to earn some skill points. With the progress of the game, different

abilities can be blended up to one unique deadly marvelous Crane monster!







There are some other great ideas for the new mods:

1. Tower Defense & Rushing Crowd Multiplayer Mods

2. Couple of the new skins for the VolatileNight Hunter and human players

3. Infected animals (like dogs, wolfs, rats, vultures, spiders etc.)

5. Vehicles mod (few cars, scooter, bicycle, motorboat etc.)

6. New zombie type: gloomy (hiding under ground to catch the player or bite him. 

Sometimes only face or shoulders are visible) At night it transforms to sepulchlar -

they're trying to grab player inside their ribs just like the Venus flytrap

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ideas are alright but why all animal mutations dont forget its the living dead were up against an if they were to a animals e.g dogs, birds, exc... they would need a bigger map or DLC for that to happen because the areas we have at the moment are to compact and are ment for free running an like the idea of human by day and infected by night they could easly evolve around that  :D

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