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[Mod] Super Aggressive Zombies Mod V0.02

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I can't wait for Techland to release the modding tools for Dying Light. But in the meantime I already started modifying some of the AI Behaviour files to create a much more hostile enviroment and aggressive gameplay.


I kinda got bored a little by how easy the normal "Biters" react in the game once I hit the higher levels.


So while I was getting closer to the endgame content of dying light I started messing around with the AI and found a few ways to make the normal zombies (Biters) a lot more aggressive toward the player(s).

Anyway, the result of modifying the AI is now a much harder game in my opinion, I also like fast zombies a little bit more and having that pressure of getting away from a situation where you start to feel to be overrun by zombies. Imagine World War Z or 28 Days later and you'll get the idea...

with this mod all zombies will be:


  • much faster
  • climbing walls and obstacles
  • alarm nearby zombies
  • have a much higher and increased aggro range
  • won't stop chasing you so easily
  • and so on...


changelog 0.03:


  • removed virals
  • added bandits with rifles / melee weapons
  • more zombies
  • less spawntime


If you're up for a challenge, give it a try.




Super Aggressive Zombies Mod v0.03




Super Aggressive Zombies Mod v0.02





Download and Install Instructions


latest version:

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Thanks for this! I don't think I'll install it before the next patch though, because I heard about someone losing saves after using the manager tool. I would hate that.

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Thanks for working on, and posting this. One thing I have many seen many modders do in the past is make several versions of a mod like this. Something like a Light Agro, Medium Agro, Extreme Agro, and Insanity Agro :).


Then the players have a variety of aggressiveness to try to see what works for them. This makes a mod become very popular and very active in the Nexus forums. Everyone can find a level of agro that they are comfortable with.


I do not know if this is something that the game mechanics will allow, but if it is possible your mod could become a "One Stop Shop" for any player that is looking for more of a challenge. Good luck with this outstanding looking mod and thanks again for posting it.

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While this mod. But serious Possible That the zombies ( Biters) only return so aggressive Overnight

would be perfect , of course Eliminating the virus .
also be possible to play it with a new presonaje .

Thanks , I hope this way forward

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This mod is perfect! but even more perfect would that could be applied as a patch for the base game story mode .

these are equal to those of 7r1x with a slight change :


-Desobe to remove viral and increase the aggressiveness of the zombies ( biters ) overnight .

-Beginning : without being infected and once you get infected antisina have 24 hours to inject , if you do not succeed , the game ends.
-HUNGER :. recoverable with food , of course. (Found in houses, shops, etc ) - starve.
-SED :. recoverable with water course . (Found in houses, shops, etc ) - die of thirst . 
-FATIGUE : . sleep recoverable in any base conquered - If your fatigue bar reaches 100 % , and can not run . You have to sleep to recover. No matter what time you wake up , if it is day or night , can not sleep again until the fatigue bar reaches 50 %. - Wake up , health, hunger and thirst will be 50 %.
-ANTIZINA :. You can only find if you are infected. When infected , appears within 24 hours on the screen and a delivery point on the map. It will not be easy! Deliveries will fall on top of a tower or at the top of a building . Race against time is bad, any accident could occur. If deliveries do not come in high places , dangerous, sure to be surrounded by gangs Kadir " Rais " Suleiman.
-FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION :. It is only in police cars
-Skills :. They would be the same as the current game , but with added . The ability to build arrows and silencers . That's right! Besides all existing weapons , we would have four types : bow, crossbow, shotgun and sniper rifle. Arrows and silencers will be very necessary
-FIGHT : - Day : World only composed of zombies snapper and gang Kadir " Rais " Suleiman. But be careful ! All Biters act as if you Viral noise (explosions , no mufflers trips, alarms , etc. ) . - Night : World only composed of zombies snapper and gang Kadir " Rais " Suleiman. All Viral Biters act as if you are seen ( red bar indicates the time equal to the current game ) . - Flashlight UV: Assist against Viral night. The same effect as the current game against volatile.
-If You die : you wake up in the nearest base area of ​​the attack . Health , hunger, thirst and fatigue will be 50 %.

and an added option to remove zombie desobe (spear vomiting ) is a hassle !
hehe thanks ..

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