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I Understand the Copy Rights, but i serously dont think the Mod Community should be censored to use them and if atleast be possible to add Custom Models for Example...


I could see some are in the Rpack File,Folder yes and i could not find much Information, how to open those and edit them seems to be complexe.


Import Script later whould be a good Start, but i seriously see there a Problem for the Mod Community if we are not allowed to use the Mesh, or atleast to change the Skin for more Easy Animation and Bone compatiblity.


Bethesda Game Studios allow to Mod almost Anything so far, what is i guess the Reason, why People love to Mod Skyrim so much..



I think someone gave you the answer you were not hoping for.  These are packed and even if you could use something like Packscape or WinRar to modify them you would only be able to see the mods.  The mods are distributed not by a build on a pack for distribution it appears.  Unless a tool becomes available or the tools themselves allow import transfer during map building and distribution, you're out of luck on custom stuff for now.

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If that is True this is extremly Disapointing, i was hoping for Custom Freedom in Dying Light, but there is still enough Potential, i hope they soon release a Tool for that, this is pretty Sad, or a Update for the Developer Tools.

Mh Anyway Thanks to Techland for the Developer Tool i though it already has the Custom Feature, i read in another Topic something like "changePlayer..." someone meaned to have seen it, may there is still Hope.


I do not give up so Easy and if only the Future holds its Hands open for Custom Content to Dying Light, better than Nothing at all, but this is realy Frustrating, if that is True.




Quoete of my Female Protagonist or DLC possible Topic:



Posted Today, 09:59 PM

For the female character i don ´t know
If it´s possible to make but i saw
A function somewhere .
I can ´t remember where but it was something
Like changePlayer... ,
Need to check.
Could be true lets see what the Future brings.
Just to add something, does Someone of You know how to turn Off the VSYNC in the Developer Tool, cause it is just less Fluid and Annoying to use VSYNC, i have it Off in all My Game s..
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