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Hi folks of techland!

just give me :


1. a nice documentation on the in and out of the modding tools

2. a material editor just like in UDK or Unreal engine 4 nowadays

3. some decals and effects libraries

4. of course, the map editor

and... a sample


and I will have fun playing with it and the community.

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map editor would be great !. and to remove the desobe of viral and increase the aggressiveness of the zombies ( biters ) overnight .. also one starts without being infected and once that getting infected antisina have 24 hours to inject , if you do not succeed the game ends.

basically would be an SDK hehe
would be the masters!

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+1 for SDK. ofc allow us to use all game resources ( asset, Ai, scripts, player ability.. etc )

Nice documentation would be gold ( how to use the editor, import asset ( 3d model, animation, weapons.. sound material ) handle Ai - Script - particles  etc )

Somes samples would be awesome, especialy to create animations.

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First, I'd like to thank you for this great game.
Although I've only played about an hour yet, I'm so much looking forward to the modding-toolkit
It's great that you want to hear our ideas and expectations regarding the modding possibilities.

But I think you already know what the toolkit should contain to ensure that Dying Light will have a long lasting success.
Your game will become so outstanding if you give us a toolkit similar to Bethesdas Elder Scrolls Construction Toolkit.

But I think the most important feature would be  the multiplayer compatibility of the created mods. ;)

But honestly, I'm happy with whatever will come ^^

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I would love to adjust the Item drop system so I can code some weapons back in game. Because if you hit a certain level in-game some of the weapons would not re-appear in the loot table. A good example is that if you are in end-game you only find swords, machetes and double sided axes. But no sledgehammers, pickaxes and wrenches.


Also let the modders adjust certain props like the workbench. The first time i saw a workbench I thought: "Ooh maybe I only can create weapons or modify them on the workbenches I find!" Two seconds later after opening my inventory that thought was blown out of the water. But It would be cool if I can force players with my mod to find all the workbenches in Haran so they can modify there weapons. Hell I will even create an icon that will show up on the map if you have discovered a workbench somewhere.


I would love to do those things in the modding tool you will give us.

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I would love to see Many more games ADOPT the FPS standard of Informing Entering players of Multiplayer games That a game is MODDED and then ALLOW them to download the MODDED files ON the spot. This greatly streamlining and allowing many people to enjoy mods even casual players who may not know much about mods or how to install them.

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On Steam the development team posted the following message on march 20th:





Hello everyone, 

Developer tools for Dying Light are coming and they're almost there. We'll be releasing them soon, but before that happens we want to invite you to a closed beta. You can be one of the first people to create content for Dying Light and influence the development of our tools! 

As this is still an early version of the developer tools, be prepared to come across some difficulties. But that's exactly why we're reaching to you – we need your insightful feedback. If you feel up to the task, contact us at: 


Please make sure to include your Steam login in the e-mail. 

We're waiting for you! 


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3ds max/maya tools for models/animation sequences

cinematic tools for cut scenes development

ingame debug/developer menu

mission scripting

create new playable character's for a whole new campaign

better higher, new skills/perks/level modiffied






pedal bikes










maybe some skills have percentage 0% - 100% completion per tier bronze/silver/gold/platinum/diamond better accuracy with guns higher chance of critical hit etc





nail gun

power drill





physicsal conditioning skills


carry more weight


stamina cost reduction


knock back recover


quick escape ram


run faster


swim faster



melee weapon skillset:  blade/blunt (unique per weapon skill / including modified)


crow bars


samurai sword




pipe wrenches


metal pipe


nail hammers


sledge hammers


frying pans



survival skillset:


vehicle repairs:


engine repair requires Toolkit

flat tyre repair requires (rubber/glue)

syphon full can of fuel level 1-4,  25%=20sec 50%=15sec 75%-10sec 100%=5sec (perk blueprint diy molotov's)



fuel economy skill


hotwire vehicle skill


coop medic skill - (Heal more/faster)


faster body search skill - (searching timer/icon)


lockpick / loot container skill - (searching timer/icon) use a hammer to break padlocks quickly



chance of dropping/losing your equipped weapon in a horde/attack


body search chance of nothing/mostly cash/occasional rare mod items



random instant, spare of the moment weapon pickups. (not inventory equippable use/discard)

This could replace survivor sense, if no object is highlighted use zombie neck grab


a brick


zombie arm/leg



Friendly/Hostile Factions (reputation/control)


securing/defending safezones are a challenge


new indoor/outdoor safe area's cdc, supermarket, mansion, radio station, internet cafe, petrol station, police, station, hospital, stadium.



some safezone activities




more breakable object's with a purpose for looting specific rare mod resources



lcd tv - electronics, metal


microwave - electronics, capacitor, metal, wire


comouter - electronics, battery, metal, wire


clock - electronics, timer


car engine - metal, pipe, hose


bicycle - metal, gear, hose



Torch types: battery, solar, windup


hand held




head mounted



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I need a wee bit of help. When creating a new map in the Dev Tools the shadows by default are 100% black unless you use your flashlight, the entire map will become black if you make it rain / cloudy.

How do I tweak the shadow darkness or can I add something to refract light in a certain way?


edit - I have found out adding an Environment Node and changing the params to a sun omni will cancel out the pitch black shadows.

edit 2 - When previewing in game the shadows become black again, the node seems to only work inside the editor itself.

Edited by JackAida

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Hello Techland Team thanks for this Beautiful Game with its pretty Immersive gameplay.


I am a Female Gamer and i whould Love to know, if it is possible to make a Mod where the actual Protagonist could be Female.


I find Kyle Crane pretty sympatic but i whould love to have Realistic Immersion for Female Gamer s aswell.

I whould not Mind if the Voice is turn to Subtitle Only, for Crane cause i dont think it is so easy to Voice over the Dialog with a Female Voice.

I do not think the Animations need any kind of change, just the actual First Person Body should be good to go for the Beginning.

May you can make a playable Female Crane Version, for DLC i whould buy that witouth thinking about it.

I only Discovered the Slums so far but if there are erotic Scenes, in the Game i do not Mind if it were Female on Female.

That Kyle Crane needs to be a Guy is no Argument for Me, i do not hear him say much Manly things at all.

Anyway for DLC or Mod this whould make the Game much more interesting for Female Gamer s.

I have more than 28 Hours in the Slums only with just 10% or 8% of the actual Story cause i love that Game : ) .


I do not have all Discovered, cause i just had to look at the Beautiful Scene sometimes, that took Time too.


I think to Discover everything in the Slums, can take way more than 28 Hours : D but that is realy good and Awesome..

Edited by RinXair

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Did I miss out on the early access to dev tools? =( I sent the email, but who knows how you folks were deciding on who to let in...

I don't know if you folks are aware of the game Mount and Blade: Warbands, but they have the ability to organize groups into formations. You guys have an awesome engine that handles tons of models, and adding that sort of functionality would be really fun too, so that folks could have NPC followers. 

They also seem to think they will be able to have a mapmaker that will take procedurally generated terrain. Interactive terrain would be a dream come true. 

I have to agree with an earlier post that had a whole metric ton of suggestions about skills and items, and to be able to add new models of all sorts would be a dream. 

I think a ton of gamers are basically looking for someone to sell them an engine, and then also pump out content for us ON that engine that we can then use to mod ad infinitum. Why limit your DLC to Dying Light or Zombies? You can have a community following you around making and inspiring content of all genres. 

But I mean, if your main love is Zombies, by all means focus on that as your DLC, but let us also do what we want with the engine... 

That's my dream.

Edited by ShaneRoach

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