My save game got courrpted I am on ps4 Please help I was doing the missions we're SPOILER ALERT the mission that you kill tahir in after I killed tahir I was going to the stash then I turned off my ps4 when I came back my save got courrpted I heared after you sleep and quit the game your save gets courrpted so I guess that's what happend because the time was changing automatically so yeah PLZ help

I really love this game I ve putted more then 30+ hours In it I don't want to replay all of it I guess I gonna play be the zombie until a patch is out to fix this issue or something

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Hi Ameer1r, 


Can you hop on our support site and lodge a ticket right here:


Also, can you give us a bit of details as to what you were doing just before the save went corrupt, ie did you turn of the console at a specific moment in the game? Also, did you download the latest patch? And if so, did you make that save before or after the you've downloaded the patch?


Our technical guys are now looking at your issue, but having your email address would help a lot. Lodge that ticket Ameer1r, and let's help you out. 

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