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Xbox One Game Share Problems


I currently have 2 xboxs in my home, 1 for me and 1 for my partner, we normally buy 1 game on the digital store and share it to both xboxs and have not had a issue with any other coop or multiplayer game up to this day.



we both log onto xbox live and enter dying light, we have both beaten the game up to where coop is unlocked


- We can not join each other

-1 of us can join a friends coop game, the other is unable to join

-the person who is unable to join immediately joins when the other person leaves friends game


-Both my xboxs have moderate nat type, friend also has moderate nat type


-have tried many modem restarts, router restarts, xbox hard resets with no progress





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I'm sure if read a problem about this on the xbox forums about plAying coop while gameshareing on the same ip.. I don't think this is techlands problem more of yours and xboxlive..


Also moderate NAT is not helping matters.

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