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hi I work for 8 hours to afford 80$ game cleaning toilets and mopping floors.
I had accumulated 7 hours of gameplay in 3 days
Logged on all is well made coffee, when I returned patch ready for install.
Patch installed all my skills gone weapons. I looked into my saves and started Siblings over again " your progression will be saved but your story will start here"

I now have positioned myself in front  of a garbage mission that I didn't enjoy doing at all and was glad after beating the first time bro I would never have to do it again.

here I am no stats at siblings quest.

I can handle getting my things back and doing the quest over again. In spite of the fact this game brings real terror, they went above and beyond by affecting me as a person and my feelings making me as a gamer faced with restarting: that being said ive played grinders games for half my life and it would be nothing to sit and bang out 7 more hours with headphones on and some metal.

This game a small piece of a large idea actually has me thinking about my life in a different kind of way such as why had I bought a steel mace and a chainsaw, first thing that comes to mind was my intentions but lingering in the back of my mind, it was for someone to find when looting my house during a apocalypse. lol


8 hours  so one shift of work for a zombie game that's fun + takes 7hours>15% completion  7 hours of fear = bad nerves.

all is fine in this equation to bad elder scrolls online failed my expectations.


Edit: went from fully intending on returning game to deciding I enjoyed the 7 hours with it. Still a keeper in my book.

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minimum wage>game gave 7 hours of play> became unplayable with risk of losing progress>its a good game
I don't understand your question is totally off point I'm describing my experience with Dying Light.

 get your grade ten?

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