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UV Light is OP.  with a coordinated team of 4 in a Staggered Formation it is impossible to single out a Victim. Due to constant UV Light Protection.


Experienced Survivors will dodge any Spit or Ground Slam, Due to the very obvious sound Cues given off when the Hunter Fires a Spit or attempts a Ground Slam.



Proposed Changes: 

Ground Slamed Survivors that are still in Knockback are unable to Activate their UV Light. This Allows Hunter to follow up with Tackle or Pounce.


Being Ground Pounded / Tackled Off an Elevation should incur Fall Damage. This adds more risk to being on an Elevation.


Survivor Sense, Should show the last known Location.  And not track the Night Hunter in real time. This would require more Coordination and Team Work.


Hunter Health and Ability Cooldowns should scale with how many Survivors are in the Game. [More Survivors = More Health and Faster Ability Cooldowns for the Hunter]

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