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Fix Be The Zombie Exploits And Connection


I've been playing Be the Zombie a couple of times now and then, but so far I just invaded maybe around 7 or 12 games and I kept getting "Connection to game could not be established" or something like that, I have good wi-fi, I got around 92% connection and it keeps showing me that problem, plus the survivors keep camping in safe zones and in buildings.  It's getting very frustrating and I don't want that, its no challenge or fun anymore.  Also how can you guys show a preview of 'Be the Zombie' game so easily, like they never found the zombie easily, but I kept getting spotted even from far away.  Lastly, the connection to "Quick Join" keeps connecting me to a 1 player map, and I no other players.  Whats the deal with your connection about this, and the other bugs and issues everyone is having, if you guys really made it from your hearts, then all we see is a bit failure, please fix these issues for everyone and make us happy again.  If you really mean it, do it, don't just be in the dark and hear our complaints.  I know this isn't part of the issue I'm talking about, but I'm upset as the rest of the people are with their issues. 

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