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Toygar has been having mental issues in my game. I have several side quest missions completed and ready to turn into him but he doesn't have an option to talk to anymore. I'm not sure why. It wasn't my positioning I jumped all around him to see if there was a special spot to get a dialog option with him but nope. In any case I have made it to the second area of the game so i'm not sure if that's what caused him to stop rewarding my finished side quests or what. For now I'll see if I can hop onto a friends world and do some of these missions but it would be nice to get a patch for this guy. Something that resets him when you enter the building so that he can't get stuck in a non responsive state or something. That's all I really care about as I'd like to turn these bounties in but until I get a patch for him I dunno how much productivity I can pull out of my magic hat in the meantime.


On the side here are a few other known issues with the game:

Zombies freezing in mid air after one or more of their ligaments have been cut off.

Grappling hook takes you to places where you are unable to grab the ledge and end up falling to your death frequently.

Wall run ability doesn't work very often, often times won't activate at all even on surfaces in which it looks like it shouldn't have any problems on.

Projectiles from enemy's (throwing stars, spitter acid, etc.) will quite literally go through doors and walls and still hurt the player.

Molotov Cocktails thrown from other online players rapidly kills the user if caught in the crossfire (especially annoying when dealing with trolls whom purposely kill you with them repetitively)

Some survivors won't reward you for saving their chupacabra.

Some survivors get attacked by invisible zombies.

Rias's men dodge all of your swinging attacks even when you have them trapped in a corner and there is no possible way for them to jump out of the way of your blow.

New Jefferson Town after blowing up sill has the glow of the UV lights at night yet the lights aren't on and it doesn't count as a safe zone nor does it repel the special nighttime zombies.


The game also has trouble joining other peoples games when they are in combat and or in a cut scene. (rather than making the joining player get kicked back out to the main menu why not just have a waiting list for getting into a game in which the host is in combat or watching a cut scene).


That's about all I can think of at the moment.

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I'm having the same issues with Toygar you're the only other one I've seen post about this situation and it bugs me that I can't hand the 4 quests I have for him. I posted about this last night and no one responded to it and then I saw your post, so just wanna say I'm having the same issues and would like them resolved. I thought maybe the patch that just came out would've fixed it but it didn't.

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I had the same issue. I found out that I was in a friends game when they turned in the side mission before I had it unlocked in my game. So when I rejoined his game I noticed that I had a pending reward from him. I talked to him, got my reward, left to join my world, talked to the same NPC and I was able to continue with the side mission. Let me know if this helps please. Doing what I just explained got rid of the problem.

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