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Update Issue


techland... I've been playing dying light about 13hours or so but when i turn off my ps4 and played again the next day all my items blueprint etc was reset back to when i just started, i'm really pissed about this and i just deleted my saved game, but the problem now start here when i checked for update there is new update so i update it and WTF!!!! after i play again from the beginning i CAN'T USE my survivor sense and i can not throw my weapon even though i already have the melee throw skill that i play 2hours just to get this.. Whats wrong with you guys, please FIX this problem and get this game right.. I hate to wasted my money on chupacabra game, this is suck.. I tell you get this problem fix right away, and don't be too long.. U already disappointed all who waited this game.. Thank you


I'm using ps4 by the way

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