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Dear Techland, About My Saved Game.


I've dumped 31 hours into this title since I brought it home for my better half and I on launch night, and we've loved it since, finally a game that got down the open world, finally a game that understood coop exploration and progression, a rewarding loot and skill tree system. Today we were putting in some gametime before we had to leave the house, and we went and slept to turn night to day, and she pushed the power button on her Xbox one, it kicked me out of her room and back in to my game, only it wasn't loading slums where we were, it loaded old town, and it loaded old town with my 31hr 24/20/24 character only now I am 24 survival, 1 agility and 1 power. To add to the moment my guy is perpetually stuck in blurred vision as if just being spat on. So, standing here at 31 hours in and realizing my entire game has just been wiped out which I find pretty infuriating. I do want to say I loved what I got to play of your game. Sadly I'll never see the end of it because somehow a glaring, absolutely game breaking glitch made it into the final product. I realize you cannot edit my saved game which is now ruined because somewhere along the road your game is broken. I would simply like to know what you're going to do about it, I'd like my 31 hours back.

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